We are seven guys pretending they are city boys, having lunch and doing their best to not lose their money ! In a nutshell we have taken our hard earned savings, got a share tip, put our money on it as if it was red rum in the grand national and watched our money disappear (with the help of Gino and the bosses at RBS).

Historically we have all had a chance at choosing a share for a period of time. this time i have changed it slightly. i have initially invested in Range Resources RRL and intend to invest next in EDC Minerals before our lunch. I am open to ideas for shares so if you want to do your own investigations into EDC or have a choice of your own please post on the share tip tab and we can discuss it on the forum. if no discussion takes place in a period between lunches i will buy my (and rodney) share. Hope everyone is happy with this approach.

New Members

I have been asked about other people joining. to be honest the restriction is more based on getting a table booked for over 6/7 people. if you are interested in joining our band of merry men there is a buy in based on your share at the time of investment and this currently stands at around £700. If anyone would like to sell their share then please let me knowOur fund stands at around £4000 and if you have any share tips you want to post to be considered for next sale post them on the “tips” section above. I am considering a purchase of ECR Minerals PLC next so please let me know your thoughts. code is ECR:LN

No Shows/ Non attendance 

i know this maybe harsh but there are only 4 lunches a year and if people can not attend can they please let me know. I accept there are always reasons why we may cancel and i am not immune from that also but this really is a club for 7 people. if you can not make the dates please let me know i will try and change them however i am going to be harsh, if you do not attend at least 3 lunches then i will send back your investment and sell your position to another party. What i am saying is let me know NOW you can not make any and i will try and change them ( the ivy can not be changed i am afraid)

Please check out the restaurant names and let me know which ones you can make by posting a reply on the website. All other communication can be made on my darren.west email address


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